Load testing NextJS/React sites

Load testing NextJS/React sites

LoadForge is able to test any HTTP/S website, however, there are some tips and tricks which can make building your test case much easier.

In the NextJS and ReactJS load testing guides linked below, we use beautifulsoup4 to parse the index page of your site and automatically crawl images, stylesheets, javascript files and html links.

NextJS Load Test - Docs - LoadForge
A premade example for how to load test your NextJS website and understand its performance.
ReactJS Load Test - Docs - LoadForge
An example guide on how to effectively load test your ReactJS application utilizing Locust and LoadForge.

This makes your load test behave more like a real user, and allows you to understand the dynamic (SSR) load as well as static (images etc) load on your site.

You can customize the test to do much more, including authentication, sessions, and so on with ease in the LoadForge interface. Below is an example of a report from running the above tests.