July 9th, 2022

Welcome to the new LoadForge!

We're excited to reveal the new LoadForge website, blog and documentation portal!

This is more than a simple rebrand, it's an entirely new documentation system with all new docs, examples and more. In addition, we've launched an entirely new and separate blog to share product news and guides with our community.

To cap it off, we've relaunched LoadForge.com with a far simpler and direct look and feel, designed to quickly and simply communicate our main features to users and leave the documentation portal to discuss features and solutions in detail.

New Launches

As mentioned above, we've launched three new components to the LoadForge brand today:

  • Our new website
  • This blog
  • Our new documentation portal


Our website had grown into a complex and complex system of pages, with a lot of content and features - but it wasn't accessible. No one wants to crawl through a website looking for documentation that should be in the docs.

We've slimmed it right down to a simple, accurate and easy to digest description of what we do and moved the rich content to our documentation.


We've tried very hard to improve the quality of our documentation, and the ordering of it. It should be easier to learn about the product at your own pace now, or quickly jump to an example to get testing in minutes.

We've also combined the guides, product documentation and API documentation into a single location.


Honestly, we didn't love our old blog. Our new blog matches our documentation theme, has a nice light and dark mode to keep your eyes comfortable whatever your preference, and will feature longer form articles and content in the future.